Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good Feed

Dear Mrs. McConnell,

Your lad has been misbehaving in his job at the Senate.  He seems to have forgotten what the American people want.  What they do not want is Barack Obama and his policies.  Why does young Mitch want to allow him to continue to wreck the economy?

All the best,

The American People

And note - this is Gallup - not known for pro-Republican slants.

Point is, Republicans have the wind at their backs.  Unlike Obama who thinks this is some kind of a poker game - "Don't make me call my bluff, Eric" - and is more focused on what this does to his reelection chances than making any real progress, the Republicans HAVE presented a budget, HAVE offered compromises and have got butkus in return.  (Sidebar - wouldn't you love to play poker with a guy that threatens to call his own bluff??  Toss them chips on the table, cowboy!)

The latest Dem ploy has been to fill the airwaves with reminders that even Republican saints like Ronald Reagan raised taxes.  Exactly.  In each of those instances, he agreed to tax increases in exchange for spending cuts.  The problem was the majority of the cuts were on the out years and never materialized.  Sound familiar?  This is the old rope-a-dope Democrat tactic that the idiot Republicans have fallen for over and over again.  Obama is so childish and petulant (and I might add, spoiled) that he can't understand why the current crop in the negotiating room won't go along.  

Dan Henninger has a great piece over at the Wall Street Journal this morning.  It is an accounting of a recent lecture delivered by Robert Lucas, the 1995 Nobel winner in Economics.  Lucas has been looking at historical trends and the lines that fit our current situation the best are in the 1930's.  The common threads?
What discomfits him is the similarities in the policy choices that accompanied both delayed recoveries. By 1934, the Depression's banking crisis had been resolved, "yet full recovery was still seven years away," he said in the Milliman lecture. GDP stayed more than 10% below trend. "Why?" The answer, he says, was growth-suppressing policies, such as the Smoot-Hawley tariff, cartelization, unionization and, "most important but hardest to measure, FDR's demonization of business.
And FDR didn't have corporate jets to kick around back then.  Here's a cartoon from the Chicago Tribune in 1934...deja vu all over again?

Ahh, how history repeats itself!

Of course one of the endearing features of the American landscape created by FDR is Social Security.  Remember how all that money we paid in was going to be put in one of Al Gore's safe and secure lock-boxes?  Oops!  Obama, in what the New York Times described as an "fatherly moment," said that seniors might not get their Social Security checks if Republicans don't agree to a tax hike.  That's some parenting!  "Kids, things are little tight, either take some more money from our neighbor or Grandma gets it."  But, as Investors Business Daily points out - he has publicly stated what every sentient person has known all along.  Social Security is one giant ponzi scheme - Bernie Madoff would have been so proud!  THERE IS NO MONEY THERE.  Lord knows you wouldn't want to have privatized the program years ago... jeopardize the lock box!  Read the whole point here: "Obama Exposes Social Security's Big Lie." 

Changing subjects...I'm a dog person.  Don't mind kitties in the 'hood if they are doing nice things like killing ground squirrels that tunnel under the foundation.  Round here, the coyotes have been keeping the cat population at bay though forcing your humble Rumbler into a trap and relocate program for the cute little varmints - the ground squirrels, I mean.  (Dear Liberal Readers,  Please note that I use a humane trapping system - they leave well fed are unhurt.  They are relocated to a bucolic public park about 6 miles away to live in peace.  I do this because I believe in heaven and hell and I don't want to face the dude with the pitch fork because I was mean to one of God's creatures.)  But back to the cats.  What's a liberal do when they run out of things to worry about or get all frustrated and nasty because we won't let them control our lives?  Find NEW things to worry about!  Here's one:

Enough fun for one day...I'm out of here.

Rumble on!

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