Monday, July 11, 2011

Good Feed

Slowly digging out from the usual pile of e-mails and detritus that accumulates when you leave your post for a week.  Today's collection for you is a little eclectic, but hopefully, as in all of our Good Feed columns, nourishing and informative!

The continuing economic recess - err, depression, has more unintended consequences than Liberals have ideas on how to spend your money.  One sad reality is the impact on the less fortunate.  One group, particularly hard hit, ironically supported Obama overwhelmingly in the '08 Election.  They are paying the price:  "The Disappearing Black Middle Class."

The "black mascot of the Wall Street oligarchs."  -Cornell West
So, the economy is tanking, the market is plummeting, unemployment is 450 bps above where you said it would be at this time, what do you do?  Go to Disney World?  NO!  Get more regulations on the sale of guns, of course!  Obama's team of behind the scenes czars are quietly wreaking havoc on free markets and free people.  Here, the Daily Beast (I am sure they published this to try to shore up the base on the Left) discusses what Barry and the Boys are doing to make it harder for you to protect your home: Obama's Quiet Guns Crackdown.

We posted a piece yesterday about political vision and will - The Audacity of Mediocrity - two pieces overlap and reinforce some of my humble assertions.  First, the Heritage Association's Morning Bell Piece this morning reminds us that we don't have to go the way of Europe - even though that IS the vision of the liberal effete elite - from John Kerry (did you know he served in Vietnam?) to our current boy president.  Great piece worthy of the read: America the Europe of the West.

The second checkpoint reinforces my assertion of the need for a strong Navy: "The Necessity of U.S. Naval Power." We are down to 286 combatant ships in the fleet give or take a few.  This is less than half of the Navy that Ronald Reagan had built.  When I was active duty in Msr. Carter's Navy, the number was just north of 300.  No space shuttles and a shrinking Navy make for a very bad duet if some bad guys come up on your dance card.

Trust me - we need these guys!
Switching subjects entirely on you - here's a great piece on the state of our educational system and a potential remedy:  "Grading the Teachers."  It is a discussion on value added teacher evaluations.  This is important...we can't all aspire to be dependent recipients of Obama's largesse!  OK, let's rock out of here with a little Pink Floyd reminiscence:

That's it - I'm out of here.

Rumble on!

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