Thursday, July 28, 2011

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My post on 7/22 included a link to an article about the death of high-speed rail in this country...I also frighteningly predicted what would happen with the Chinese HSR system - didn't know it would happen the next day: Chinese Train Wreck.

Sic semper medius consilium!  (Thus always to central plans.)  The analogies between the central planning aspect of Obamacare and the Chinese HSR system are legion.  They are trying to run a shiny new system over aging tracks with inadequate safety control over a geography that may/or may not want it...but doesn't have any say...just like the Chinese rail system!

We're good - just chillaxin!
Say, while we are bragging about our ESP on what happens, I had also posted a piece about how wonderful our forests are doing because of the CO2 and that increasingly, scientists see raised levels of CO2 as a pretty good thing...contrary to the global warmers.  Guess what?  They busted another one!  First it was East Anglia and all the phony data points with the resulting "Climategate" scandal.  Well, remember how the polar bears were all going to drown?  Guess not - turns out the "scientist" who dreamed that one up...lied.  He's on administrative leave...from the government...which means he will probably still be able to retire with a cushy pension.  Liberals must just hate it when facts get in their way.

What are the unintended consequences of central planning?  Well, the Obamacare legislation is certainly demonstrating one of them: slaughter of private sector jobs.  While correlation is not causation, the one-to-one relationship between the passage of Obamacare and the death of the private sector in America is inescapable.  Frankly, all the fluff and feather flying in Washington over the precious debt ceiling is just that - the Boehner plan, if it passes today is DOA in the Senate and the White House - but to me, the larger issue in the wonderful paradise of "compromise,"  (which is Democrat speak for "do it our way, or else") is the fact that a brand new entitlement program that has already demonstrated it's ability to shackle an economy, is not on the table.  This is a fight worth having if you are a Republican, but apparently one they insist on shying away from.

But, hey, we have ridden this pony before!  Government overreach in the 1930's perpetuated the Great Depression.  Even some left-leaning pubs like The Atlantic are starting to get the message: "Repeal the Democrats Complex and Expensive Legislation."  Here's the money quote from that short piece:

This is not the first time we have faced intractable unemployment. The same thing occurred during the New Deal, when employment, which had averaged 6 percent during the 1920s, never dropped below 14 percent until the US began to prepare for war. The reason, I believe, was business uncertainty in the 1930s because of constantly shifting government policies and a well-founded fear of costly and adverse government action. That is what is afflicting us today.

Switching gears, the Left is going apoplectic to call the Norwegian madman, who murdered innocent people, a "Christian."  It's very simple - Christians don't spend their waking hours figuring out how to pack cars with explosives and kill children - period.  I always find it ironic that the same people who want to label Breivik a "Christian" would never put "Muslim" and "Major Nadal Hissan" in the same sentance.  But that's to be expected from the sere wasteland of liberal thought.  Anyhow, a real threat outside of Al Queda does exist and it is the "lone wolf" kook. Jared Loughner, Timothy McVey and Anders Breivak provide glaring evidence that evil is alive and well and lurks in the minds of people we might otherwise call "normal."  Here's a good sober write-up on the attack from Stratfor:  "Norway Lessons from a Successful Lone Wolf Attacker."

What do Christians do in times like these?  Some answers: "Christians Worldwide Reach Out to Norway."  Here's something else we do:

The veneer of civilization is alarmingly thin.  The good Pope's words deserve profound reflection.  Sadly, however, we must remain vigilant:  "AWOL Soldier Arrested Near Ft Hood."  Notice, there's no mention of Msr.  Nassar being a "muslim." When CARE and Muslim Imams the world over begin expressing outrage at this type of individual, and when our own media stops the charade, we can begin to make progress towards some kind of rapprochement with the Islamic faith...until then, vigilance.

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