Monday, May 24, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

This week's installment of recommended reading for your pleasure and edification:

1. Is it time for America to get over it's infatuation with owning a home?  Richard Florida, the author of "The Creative Class,"  suggests it might be.  In an Atlantic article titled "America Needs to Get Over Its House Passion," he presents some compelling evidence.  Rumbler has always had problems with policies that lead to market distortions, and U.S. housing policy is at the top of the list.  From the home mortgage interest deduction to the creation of Fannie and Freddie, to poor land use, housing is in serious need of a re-think in our country.

2. We speak often in these pages about the dangers of statism, the evil step-child of liber..oops, "progressivism."  Here's an interesting take on the culture behind all that: "America's New Culture War: Free Enterprise vs. Government Control."

3. No stranger to the needs and perils of immigration, Victor Davis Hanson spells out what needs to be done to ameliorate the situation with illegal immigration and the whole dust-up with Arizona...maybe another beer summit for the Bamster?  Why not, when the governor of Arizona is Jan "Brewer?" 

4. Don't throw away those parkas just yet...still MORE evidence that the earth is cooling.  Apparently it might all be part of something called a "natural cycle."  Methinks the polar bears are going to be just fine.

How can you not say "awwwww?"

5. Put the sharp objects away before you read this piece.  This is a summary of the reasons that we may be staring at a double-dip recession.  It is amazing to me that with all the history of the failures of the highly regulated state, that this administration and this Congress can't stop hurtling us towards disaster.

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