Monday, May 17, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

New feature!  We are going to provide a weekly reading list of articles across a broad range of topics that a well-versed citizen should absorb.  If you have suggestions for the Required Rumbler Reading list, please e-mail me at  Now, for this week's list:

1. Book review of "Rules for Radicals."  We've all heard a lot about how Obama believes in Saul Alinsky's tactics.  This short review of the book should send chills up your spine:

2. "The Revenue Limits of Tax and Spend" by David Ranson.  A meticulous discussion on why our current model in vogue in Washington is DOA and will bankrupt us. 

3. "The U.S. in 2050: Bigger, Younger, Less White, Less Urban."  A review of uber-urbanist, Joel Kotkin's new book on demographic trends in the U.S. of A.  

4. "The Hidden History of Evil." Claire Berlinsky's piece in the City Journal is already being quoted in the "Notable and Quotable" section of the Wall Street Journal, but the entire piece needs to be read and digested.  Why do we turn a blind eye to the reality of the failure of socialism and it's big sister, communism?  We want to stick our fingers in our ears, shut our eyes real tight and deny the very existence of evil.  

Was that a map of Western Europe on his forehead?

5. John Mauldin's piece titled "Europe Throws the Hail Mary Pass" will help you understand the wild fluctuations in the stock market as we stumble towards understanding the real "bubble" plagueing almost all advanced economies: government spending!

Let's get this week underway!  Happy reading, I look forward to your comments.

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