Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obama and Dems Want USA to be Number ONE!

You bet they do!  At least in one thing...

  • First in deficit spending?  You bet!  Now projected to be $1.5 Trillion - topping last year's whopper of $1.4 T.
  • Longest number of months running a deficit?  No Problem!  We are up to 19 months and counting...according to Reuters, it's the longest running number of months to run deficits on record.
  • Quadruple the deficit you posted one year ago in the height of the financial crisis?  DONE, baby!  We are number one! We stuck a $82.69 BILLION deficit for April 2010, swamping that little wimpy $20.91 BB from 2009.  We are on a roll!
Even White House Budget Director Peter Orszag now says it needs to get "under control" to keep us from becoming like Greece.  WHY??  If Greece can stage some girly-man financial meltdown, under Obama's leadership we ought to be able to make their riots look like a fraternity panty raid.  We're America, dammit, we ought to be Number One...or should I say "Numero Uno?"

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