Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clueless Governments Still Don't Understand

Great read by Egon Greyerz over at Matterhorn Asset Management: "Alea Iacta Est," ("The Die Has Been Cast").  Bluntly pointing out that:
Clueless governments still don’t understand that it is their ruinous actions that have created a credit infested and bankrupt world. They will continue to prescribe the same remedy that caused the problem in the first place, namely more credit and more printed money. The consequences are clear; we will have hyperinflation, economic and human misery as well as social unrest.

Take a look at this chart...Bamster's gotta be upset - we're #3, although he and Nancy and Harry are doing their level best to get us to #1 - c'mon, no one wants the French ahead too:

Put away any sharp objects you have nearby, but do go read this article.

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