Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great New Resource Being Launched

Blogger pal, Blue Collar Muse, and some other right-minded Tennesseans are launching a great new venture called "Tea Party HDTV."  From their press release:

TeaPartyHD is principally engaged in the development, production and worldwide distribution of news programs, television programs, television broadcasting, cable network programming, IPTV programs,  Internet TV and Mobile TV. The unit’s studios, production facilities and film and television library provide high-quality creative content while its broadcasting and cable networks provide extensive distribution platforms for the Company's programs. In 2010, TeaPartyHD bought TeaParty.TV, a company that began in 2007. TeaPartyHD has incorporated Tea Party TV assets and products into a robust offering for all tea lovers.

In the famous words of The Who, after Team Bamster's very effective 2008 campaign, conservatives are making sure we "don't get fooled again!"

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