Monday, April 26, 2010

Without Shame

The Portuguese have an expression, "sem-vergonha," which translates as "without shame," but with far more opprobrium. That was the term I found myself muttering when I watched this. If you can hold back the gag reflex long enough, this
video is quite instructive.

First, it illustrates the dream world that Obama inhabits: all bad things were "inherited," we have done nothing but bring sweetness and light to the world. It is a series of whoppers like "our standing in the world is much improved..." only if you
think being laughed at and kicked around is standing. Oh, and of course, there's that little bit about how great the free
healthcare is going to be.

About two minutes in he gets to the "we" he keeps referring to: "the young, the African-Americans, the Latinos and the
women." Apparently no one else counts for being an American. If Bush (either one), Reagan or even Carter or Clinton 
had made a video like this appealing to "the old, the Irish Catholics, the Poles, Germans and men" they would have been 
rightly excoriated for the bigotry that such talk expresses. This is racism pure and simple and it is done sem-vergonha.

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