Tuesday, April 27, 2010

America is Catching On, Mr. Obama

Good news out of the Investors Business Daily - a steadily increasing number of Americans believe we are evolving into a socialist country:

Still only 41%, but the trend line is telling.  Here's the good news from the article:
IBD/TIPP asked the question again this month, and those who agree the U.S. is evolving into a socialist state have again opened up a three-point lead (41% to 38%).
This is a statistic worth watching. Why? Because our poll also found that Americans oppose government control of key industries by a 59% to 20% margin and government redistribution of wealth and income by an even more overwhelming 61% to 19%.

We may believe we are "evolving" that way...but we sure as hell don't like it.  Time for more hopey change unicorn stuff, Mr. O, just keep the idiots guessing right?

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