Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Future Marxist Leninist America" - It's Here!

These two videos are worth a listen.  The speaker is Yuri Bezmenov, a KGB agent who defected.  Listen to them carefully and reflect upon our current leadership class in Washington and in our universities:

So, which stage are we in?  Clearly demoralization has occurred.  It would appear to me that destabilization are well under way.  Now let's be clear - this interview was conducted by G. Edward Griffin, a John Birch Society member.  A lot of the external architecture has changed - thanks to Ronald Reagan, the Soviet Union has fallen; but it is scary to consider how much the rest of what Yuri talked about has come to pass.

To borrow Tolstoy's famous question: "What then must we do?"  I do think that the Tea Party activists are part of the solution - an aware and accurately educated population is key.  But we truly need a massive re-education effort.  Parents - teach your children the goodness of America.  Teach them our virtues, our values and of the reality that we truly are the last best hope on Earth for freedom.  It's long past time to get to work!

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