Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michelle His Home Country is NOT Kenya

Apparently this was in 2008 at the LGBT Conference...some of the wingnuts are focused on the "...visited Kenya, his home country" line.  I am not going to go birther on you.  He may or may not be truly FROM there, I don't care - he's been elected President of the United States - our bad. Her remarks are  just clumsy and stupid - my relatives came from Ireland and Scotland, but neither is my "home country."  What folks are missing is the assault on traditional values that is masked behind the language of "diversity and equality." 

The other weird thing is why is this only coming out now?  Someone in the "Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender" group videotaped this and is now releasing it.  The good folks in the Tea Party movement need to stay away from this, because my guess is this is part of the continued effort orchestrated by the White House to make anyone who is for limiting the size of government some kind of knuckle-dragging kook.

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