Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tide Turning on Union Thugs

Election results from New Jersey indicate the public has awakened.  Newly elected Republican governor Christie is trying to figure out how to plug all the holes in the state budget.  One area is the ridiculous amount of state support that goes to the local New Jersey school systems.  He urged voters on Tuesday to reject the budgets of their local school boards and 59% of them did just that.

This is good news.  The standard trope these Teacher's Unions and SEIU types throw out is that "it's about the children."  Hogwash!  It's about keeping them and their bloated, ridiculous pensions on the public teat and demanding more and more taxes to pay for their lack of productivity.  In Springfield, Illinois, the Unions bused in some 15,000 protesters with their newly printed signs demanding a tax increase!

According to the Tax Foundation, Illinois ranks 30th among the states for business climate.  They go on to note:

Though it isn't exactly breaking news to Illinoisans, their state government is in horrible fiscal shape. The recession left a budget shortfall of around $11 billion for the combined fiscal years 2009 and 2010. Their 2010 budget borrowed a few billion, shoved a few billion onto next year's docket, and still left the state with a shortfall of over $4 billion.
Illinois is on borrowed time. And although taxes alone should not be relied on to bring the state out of the red, a change in tax policy can help its economy. The state should expand tax bases to end government distortions in the economy and enable the enactment of lower statutory tax rates.
Tax hikes that risk making an already harsh tax climate for business more so should be avoided. Hiking personal income taxes especially, as proposed by Gov. Quinn, would mar one of the only good features of Illinois's tax system, making the state certainly less attractive to the businesses and individuals that Illinois ought to be courting.

What these placard carrying dolts don't understand is where the money they demand comes from.  It comes from the desiccated wallets of the taxpayers.  Lose jobs, lose's quite simple.  Their only hope is to expand the tax base, not kill what's left of it.  Try telling that to this bunch:

My sense is that regular folks have had enough...and they are getting mad too.  Check out this ad from California:

One of the great travesties was to allow the unionization of government employees...that and the healthcare workers unions have been the only source of union growth.  Now that they are embedded with their fists firmly around the purse strings, it will be difficult to get them out.  But then, we are Americans we've done much harder things than that!

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