Friday, September 17, 2010

Tea Party Tango

The worst for establishment Republicans is behind them now.  They have suffered the deserved humiliation at the polls that comes from being disconnected from the desires of the people, and in Alaska, New Hampshire, Utah, Nevada and even tiny Delaware, conservatives have chosen who THEY want to send to Washington...not who Washington says is good for them.

The unifying message is, as it has been since the founding of the Tea Party Movement - remember, TEA = "Taxed Enough Already" - that D.C. no longer serves the will of the people and we want the insanity to stop.  Enough spending, enough taxes, let's put the genie back in the bottle and go back to our Constitutional roots.

Kool Aid drinkers across the fruited plain, including those that still believe Obama is the Messiah are quickly resorting to the "nuts" defense...and in the case of female candidates, they are going for the "nuts and sluts" defense.  I watched a libero-babe (oh wait, I can't really use "babe" on that hardened bitter woman)  on Hannity's show last night laughingly deride Christine O'Donnell because she was against "masturbation and the use of condoms..." sniff, sniff, how backward!  Assuming Ms. O'Donnell can pull it out in November - and don't underestimate that - she is not going to Washington to impose her conservative sexual mores on us,  (unlike when statists go to Washington and demand that we accept gay marriage, gays in the military, Federal funding for abortions etc. etc.) she is going to cut spending and reduce the size of government.

Now, I know Ms. O'Donnell is running for the seat once held by the sainted, brilliant orator, Joseph "Bite Me" Biden, so her character must be put under special scrutiny lest she stain that hallowed seat...God forbid there ends up being a website dedicated to her gaffs.  You mean like this one that is dedicated to Joe's:  Bidenisms.  Well, you get my point.  

And how are we conservatives so far out of the beloved "mainstream," as libero-scribes parrot?  Well let's see:

  • We believe the government is on the wrong course.   That puts us in line with 75% of the voting public.
  • We want Obamacare repealed.  That puts us in line with 53% of the voters.
  • We favor deepwater offshore drilling.  That puts us in line with 53% of the voters.
  • We are in favor of smaller government and lower taxes.  That puts us in line with 68% of the voters.
  • We fundamentally believe that America is a society that is fair and decent and that  it doesn't need to be socially engineered to be more "equal."  That puts us in line with 69% of the voters.
  • We believe that if you want to immigrate to America, you should also assimilate.  Gosh, only 74% of the voters agree with us there.

On and on it goes - in issue after issue - WE ARE THE MAINSTREAM!

So, yes, I am sure the Ruling Class Republicans who live in the finger-bowl districts of D.C. and yearn for the day that a WaPo reporter refers to them as a "maverick" who has "grown," are nervous.  They should be.  But, as the cartoon infers - listen up!  The people have no voice with the Democrat party anymore: the Dems are entirely controlled by hard left-wing ideologues, Union thugs (teacher's unions, civil servant unions in particular) and kooks of every stripe...stray from their statist positions and you are out.  So, the people have only one hope right now and that is the Republicans.  They can either hop on their surf boards and ride this wave in November or potentially face a third party in two years.  The madness has to end and the only weapon the people have left is the voting lever.

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