Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rumbler Required Reading

On the road a bit this week, so this one is going to be quick:

1. I Thought The First Stimulus Was For Shovel Ready Jobs:  I remember getting in a dust-up with an Obama Kool-aid drinker when Stimulus II went through.  He scorned my ignorance at not understanding the importance of infrastructure spending.  So,  real man of genius, Mr. Stimulus Spending on Infrastructure is Going to Save the Economy - where did the money go??

2. 9/11 and the 9 Year War:  As always, the boys at Stratfor have incisive analysis looking over our shoulders at the long war.

3. Thinking Clearly About Economic Inequality:  Will Wilkinson dares to bring up the moral dimensions of economic policy.  A fine write up, worth the read.

4. Barney to Fannie: Drop Dead!:  They really should put Barney Frank's picture in the dictionary next to the word "hypocrite."  If there was a "Prime Enabler" in the mortgage crisis that lead to our economic downfall, Barney was the big bang.

5. We Are Ruled By Professors:  Victor Davis Hanson is a regular on RRR, but doggone it, he deserves it!

Till next week, stay safe and stay smart...we are going to need it!

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