Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drilling Again in the Gulf!

The vast oil reserves hidden under the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico are once again going to get tapped after Obama brought that industry to its knees in the wake of the Great Spill.  Obama has finally seen the light and authorized drilling to resume...oh wait, it's the Cubans that are going to be drilling off our shore!

You know, the same Cubans that are driving '50's vintage cars...but not to worry:

Ocean scientists warn that a well blowout similar to the BP disaster could send oil spewing onto Cuban beaches and then the Florida Keys in as little as three days. If the oil reached the Gulf Stream, a powerful ocean current that passes through the region, oil could flow up the coast to Miami and beyond.
The nascent oil industry in Cuba is far less prepared to handle a major spill than even the American industry was at the time of the BP spill. Cuba has neither the submarine robots needed to fix deepwater rig equipment nor the platforms available to begin drilling relief wells on short notice.

Makes those dolphins and pelicans feel great doesn't it!

Mr. President - would you please allow this nation to get back to work? Look, the Gulf oil spill was awful...but it was also grossly overblown.  Remember the dire warnings about the plume getting in the Gulf Stream and polluting beaches in North Carolina?  Didn't happen.  Remember the shrieks from the greenies about the oil lasting for decades in the Gulf.  Didn't happen - Mother Nature has a damn good habit of making those people look silly.  Unfortunately, Barry O and the Boys don't mind looking silly as real economic damage is inflicted on the Gulf region and on our ability to reduce the dependence on foreign oil.

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