Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where's The Outrage? (Part 59,678)

Revelations that members of the "media" engaged in a conspiracy to a) protect a candidate (Obama) from harmful information and b) savage the reputation of a threatening candidate from the other party (Palin), should be big news and the perps (in a real world) would be outed.

Instead, apologists and aparatchiks hide behind the tired memes:  "it wasn't really a conspiracy," "they were just joshing," "this is all a right wing cabal to get Obama," "the media is not monolithic," etc. etc. instead of dealing with the fact that the majority of Americans were deprived of information that was critical to potentially forming their opinions.  In this regard, the media failed their civic responsibility miserably.

Look, they created the Bamster, and now they are stuck with their choice.  He still is what he was before: a socialist ideologue with a truck-load of "friends" and "associates" that are further to the left of Mao.  If the American people knew then what they know now, this guy wouldn't have stood a chance, as the Rasmussen daily poll shows relentlessly:

Hopefully, time will cure this malfeasance that has been foisted upon us.

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