Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

This week's installment includes a lengthy, but important read on the dance macabre being acted out between Iran and the world, Dame Noonan going Brit and thoughts on the continuing blame game.

1. Should Israel Bomb Iran?  An in-depth analysis of the calculus facing Israel and what might happen if different scenarios play out.  Rumblergal read this in the car to me while we were driving the Rumbletruckster across Mississippi and it led to lengthy discussions - net conclusion: the Mullahs with a nuke cannot be allowed to happen.

2. Pity the Postmodern Cultural Elite - always insightful Victor Davis Hanson nails the current ruling class for the false premises that they have built their world upon.

3. The Blame Game -  close Rumbler Liberopal DN - I dare not out his real name - is exhausted by this Administration's complete unwillingness to take responsibility.  In a short teleconvo yesterday after the Rose Garden Unemployment Boo Hoo, DN snarked - "when will these idiots man up?"

4. "David Cameron Don't Follow Barrack Obama" -  dame Peggy Noonan is off-shoring her column to tell us what she really thinks about the man she once hailed as "fresh and exciting."  This actually is a good piece of advice for ANY future politician.

A better way...

5. How Obama Lost Small Business - Demographer pal, Joel Kotkin, nails the angst being felt in the heartland.  There is a fundamental disconnect in the world view of Washington and the world view from Wabash...this explains a good chunk of it.

And that, dear reader, should help round out your knowledge base for yet another week.

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