Thursday, July 8, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

A little late in the week, but the July 4th festivities and a happy visit from a Canadian friend have thrown Rumblerama a little off.  That doesn't meant that we have been slack in our responsibility of wading through the cultural swamp to bring you another fine selection for your digestion, discussion and edification!

1. Immigration Truly 'Above Politics' : Folks, we have a problem...a very big problem, and that is the fact that we are being invaded from our southern border.  Both sides continue to look the other way - Republicans because they like the source of cheap labor; Democrats because they view the Hispanics as their next clients on the liberal plantation - a source of votes to secure them in office forever.  We need to have a mature discussion about immigration and allow for it to occur, but on OUR terms and in such a way that the very fabric of our culture is not torn asunder.  This column is a good place to start.

2. Americans Who Will Never Work Again: short piece on the devastation that Obamanomics is causing in the African-American community.  The prospect of a growing, dissatisfied underclass coupled with the illegal immigration problem is a dangerous social condition that needs to be addressed...not going to happen as long as the clowns in the White House actually believe that we are in the "Summer of Recovery."

3. The Roadmap Plan: Paul Ryan is one of the rising stars among young Republicans.  This website offers an optimistic, balanced approach to getting the country back on track (and maybe even addressing articles 1 and 2!)

4. Down With Doom :  Of all places, I found this little gem on the Huffington Post!  A first...Huffpo guest appearance on the Rumbler Report!  It is a thoughtful write-up of the hype that surrounds every crisis...remember when we were going to freeze to death in the Ice Age of the late 1970's?

5. Why The Great Depression Still Lies Ahead:  OK, enough with the happy talk!  Back to matters at hand, namely that the economic situation is so dire we are whistling past the graveyard.  Read these numbers and weep.  We've got some heavy lifting to do, and unless we turn at least one of the chambers, this is our future.

Have a great rest of the week...and keep the sharp objects a healthy distance away from you, especially if you are listening to the news! 

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