Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blast Muslims Into Space!

Everyone is getting upset about the report that NASA's primary mission is outreach to Muslims: "Next Frontier: Better Relations With Muslim World."  Rush, Hannity, Glen, et al, you guys are missing the point!  Our brilliant boy President is actually setting a trap for Muslims - we'll get them all interested in rocketry (other than the kind that comes back down and kills Jews and Heathens) but we won't tell them how to get back down!  We'll blast Muslims into space as a solution to the "Man Caused Disasters!"  More incredible brilliance from the Mighty O...peace be upon him!

This is the same brilliant approach to problem solving that includes such gems as:

  • We'll reduce healthcare spending by increasing costs!
  • We'll solve the energy problems of America by not having any!
  • We'll win the war in Afghanistan by telling the Taliban when we are leaving!
  • We'll get oil on shore faster by allowing it to flow freely from a deep sea gusher onto the beach!
  • We'll create more jobs by paying off teacher's and service employees' unions!
  • We'll solve our immigration problems by letting everyone in!
  • We'll solve the Iranian problem by beating up Israel!
  • We'll end the housing crisis by allowing more people who can't afford homes to get loans!
And my personal favorite: We'll reduce the budget deficit by spending more money...no, a whole lot more money!

Brilliance!  Sheer, unadulterated brilliance!

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