Tuesday, November 17, 2009


As someone that lived in Japan for eight years, I cannot tell you how horrified I was when this came over the wire this Saturday past. I guess Soros and Axelrod know nothing about Japanese culture...and God knows Obama doesn't.

First, you don't bow to the Emperor when you are the President of the United States.
Second, if you must bow, a polite lean forward from the waist with your hands at your sides is somewhat appropriate.
Third, you NEVER shake hands and bow.
Fourth, you don't go looking at the Emperor's shoe-shine job!

Is this the "reset" with the world we were promised? This guy is a rank, embarrassing amateur. The American people deserve a lot better.

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Jack said...

Just to be a little "un-PC"...but why is the leader of the free world bowing to the leader of a country that attacked us without provocation, and that we subsequently bombed into the stone age and rebuilt from the ground up?