Sunday, November 1, 2009

Does the Nobel give you freedom to lie?

Hat tip IBD.

Michael Ramirez's cartoon over at Investors Business Daily really hits the nail on the head. We all remember with hearty guffaws Al Gore's assertion that he had invented the Internet. I am of the opinion that the day is not far off with Obama's continued lies and fantasies (I "saved" jobs...) will result in the American people not taking him seriously. This happened under Carter - it took about two years - the body politic no longer took Jimmuh's sermons about turning our thermostats down and wearing sweaters seriously. He wasn't so much voted out of office as laughed out. With SNL now willing to take swipes at the Anointed O, it is not far off that everyone else will just start chuckling. Shooting stars have a nasty habit of disintegrating in the atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

Friend, please consider linking

Anonymous said...

so this is more of the 'fox and the sour grapes' mentality - Obama is trying to fix the house fire that is W's legacy to America, the GOP is content to stand in the way of everything and say 'no' (while adding nothing at all to the discourse beyond the nanny-nanny-boo-boo variety)... and your powerfully well-reasoned blog post is... 'i don't like his numbers'? Clearly the stimulus math is not as straightforward as you seem toio think - it only takes a few engineers to start workling on an infrastructure project, but eventually the people who do the actual 'building' will indeed be jobs. Dividing the entire aggregate cost into only the extant jobs is just stupid. Are you stupid, truly unaware that you are dividing apples into oranges? Or are you so hopelessly inured to the 'us-versus-them' mentality that you are happy to spout obviously erroneous data as proof of concept, hoping that your readers are too stupid to know the difference?

Way to really make a difference there, guy. Either you aren't very brightm, or you are counting on your readers to not be very bright. Either way, you represent exactly why the GOP is in a tailspin from which recovery seems increasingly bleak.

Rumbler said...

Mr. Sellersburg,
No sour grapes friend - I'm too busy laughing and crying about the incompetence. Apparently you are still in the cult of personality crowd. Well, hopefully you will wake up one day.

Obama poured jet fuel on the "house fire that W" started. Quadrupling the debt! For Christ's sake, when are you leftons going to get it that you own it now!

Let's see how tomorrow's election turns out before you write off the GOP - again though, I am not in the GOP - I am a conservative.

Enjoy the Koolaid while America burns.

As for the "stimulus" - you live in a fantasy world - google "fraud, stimulus" and "stimulus effectiveness" - this thing is a bust and you and I are going to be paying for it for a long time.