Monday, November 9, 2009

Letter to Representative Cooper

One of our Congressmen from the Nashville area voted in favor of this abominable dung-heap called "Healthcare Reform." I sent a letter to the Tennessean this morning, which I am sure will never get printed, so here it is:

Dear Editor:

I read with dismay Rep. Cooper’s (D) rationale for voting in favor of the healthcare “reform” bill that the House passed in the waning hours of Saturday night past. A bill which weighs almost 20 pounds and runs close to 2,000 pages not counting the late amendments. There is no way on earth anyone could have read this mish-mash, let alone understood it’s contents! Mr. Cooper “harshly criticized the bill,” because he found much of this $1.2 Trillion mess to be “deeply flawed.” But instead of helping to stop the bill so that real healthcare reform could be achieved, he voted in favor of it so the “process could continue!” So, in other words, we have no idea what we will end up with, but let’s move the process forward, the principle be damned. In political speak, Mr. Cooper gets to say he was opposed to the bill because he railed against it on the House floor - then when he attends the MoveOn.Org fest, he can say he voted in favor of the bill. This is cowardice writ large and unworthy of a representative of the people of Tennessee who are overwhelmingly opposed to this legislation.


The "Have it Both Ways" Coalition in the House has got to be put out of office in 2010. Theirs is a self-aggrandizement scheme that is as far removed from the intent of the Constitution as the Andromeda Galaxy is to Earth. (Actually, the latter may be closer, but you get the point.)

In case you were wondering how Rep. Cooper told his constituents he would vote - here's his "No" commitment back in July:
"Cooper to vote "No."

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