Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Feed

There is so much material right now on so many different fronts.  We've all been consumed with the debt debate debacle, that we have forgotten all those other areas of Obama success.  Here are a couple:

Egypt/Middle East: "The Muslim Brotherhood has never had it so good..."

Iran: "Iran's Dangerous Concoction of Nuclear Ambitions and Shiite Messianism"

Greece (Hey, this could be us soon!): "Political and Cultural Malaise at Heart of Greek Financial Crisis."

But why pick on Greece - after all, there's still Italy, Spain and Portugal: "Italy and Spain Add to Debt Woes." Who wouldn't want their sovereign bonds at 7%?

OK, we need a little humor here:  "Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Bar Patrons We're Screwed."

Speaking of cultural problems...take a look at this:

In the words of Lilly Tomlin, "no matter how cynical I become, I can't keep up."

That's it for today,

Rumble on!

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