Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Al Sharpton Meet Mr. Peter Principle

Fame and notoriety rarely equal common sense or intelligence.  Al Sharpton is one of the more glaring examples.  When not yelling through his bullhorn inane accusations and dangerous race bating blasts, Al went and got himself a TV show!  That's right...Tawana Brawley and all that mess - who cares?  After all this is MSNBC - a network that had  has (what's that? He's gone?  Didn't notice.) Keith Olberman as their star of journalistic integrity now has Al Sharpton.  But, look at the fun you can have when you rely on a teleprompter:

It's doubly delicious now that we know the Republicans held on in Wisconsin, despite the $14 million that the unions spent in a recall election. The $14MM is what Heritage is reporting the Unions spent - but you know, actually, they are doing a service:  they hire union protesters for this type of work thereby reducing the unemployment rate.

Here in Twangtown, the going rate for a union protester is $10 an hour - well below what unions demand for similar work:  Music City Center Protesters.  It does beg the question - how much are protesters around the world being paid?  President Downgrade can insist that we maintain our lead in that one category at least!

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