Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Feed (Feel Good Edition)

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OK, so the Dow's sunk over 200 to start the day and it's hotter than the hinges of hell outside with humidity so thick you have to shovel a path through it for the dog to go to the potty, but hey, here in Rumbleville, we are going to have a happy day.  Today we are going to share upbeat, optimistic viewpoints that you really need to read to gird your loins for the scrap that lies ahead.

There is something to the old adage that the darkest hour is just before dawn.  Jeffrey Lord over at the American Spectator picks up on that theme with a splendid piece  titled "American Tipping Point." He picks up on the Guadalcanal theme I blogged about on Tuesday and carries it forward with a comprehensive history of the conservative movement.  He boldly asserts that:
An epidemic of conservatism is sweeping America. And thanks to the Tea Party, yesterday disgracefully accused of terrorism by Vice President Biden (he the vice president in an administration terrified of calling real terrorists terrorists -- seriously!), the country will never be the same again.
I think he's right, but I do think it is a race against time.  Symptomatic of our ascendency is the downright meanness of the left.  They can't win on ideas so they bludgeon with hatred - or they do, as a former FB "friend" of mine did when he got smoked in a kerfuffle with me in public over Obamacare, they de-friend you and block you from their wall.  It's the electronic version of covering over one's ears and yelling "I can't hear you" as loud as you can.  Childish.  But liberal to the core, reacting on feelings rather than intellect.

I was not happy with the Wall Street Journal last week - their childish swipes at the Tea Party "hobbits" and their almost panicky push for a deal to be made were unseemly for an otherwise noble and reliable newspaper.  But this morning's version brought an excellent piece from Dan Henninger in his Wonderland column: "Obama's Deal With The Debt Devil."  Henninger makes the point that it is Obama's ill fate that has him at the point in history when the money is running out:
Alas, cruel history. Three years into their presidency, they find themselves trapped in the twilight years of the welfare state. They enacted a fourth entitlement obligation and an upward spending path at precisely the moment history turned against their ideas.

Canada is dismantling its' welfare state and their economy is taking off...Europe is watching it crumble into ruins.  We are not too late...yet.  But the race really is on - as a commenter pointed out on here the other day "50% who pay taxes and 50% who don't...with 70% receiving some kind of Federal subsidy" - can we turn the ship of state away from entitlement addiction to the self-reliance that built this great nation?

How about this view: "The Real 'Uniters' Are The Tea Party Patriots."  That's Investors Business Daily's take and you have to agree that the debate has shifted away from "gimme" to "how can we afford it."

Just the facts ma'am.
There's a bit of the "this is the best we can do" argument in this next piece, but the author raises some very valid observations: "Boehner's Half a Loaf Deal Better Than Nothing." The column pulls out another piece of World War II history which is how Churchill helped the United States military ultimately prevail in the battle for Europe...worth the read!

Finally, even as Obama's EPA charges forward to regulate the air that we breath out, a consensus is emerging in the American public that the "scientists" behind Global Warming are perpetuating a hoax and lying to us.  In a Rasmussen Poll released last week, they found that "69% say it's likely that scientists have falsified global warming research."  We are winning the war with facts...we'll cede the feelings high ground to the loons, let us all be Sergeant Friday's:  "just the facts ma'am."

Finally, here's something we can all smile about - over the past couple of weeks the split hasn't moved below -15 and has been as high as -21:

Be of good cheer!

Rumble on!

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