Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Evil Dictatorship of Noodles

I had read that eating too many carbohydrates could cause digestive problems, thus going to the Noodles restaurant daily could be a problem.  Dangit, we're about to get one right down the street.  I can't possibly support them now that I know they are an evil dictatorship:

Hmm.  Some pretty interesting economic theories proposed here:

1. People that own their own businesses are actually "dictators," because they tell the "workers" what to do.
2. The way to solve that is to have a union and if the owners don't cooperate you get rid of them.
3. Racism, homophobism and sexism exist to divide people against each other - apparently the dictators created these things...but not sure on that one.

Somewhere a parent is watching this and crying.

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