Sunday, February 27, 2011

Misguided Youth

Here's your product of America's public school indoctrination on display:

Scary part?  Note where she says she is a "public sector employee."  That means either Wisconsin taxes or our taxes are paying for her to stand out there and preach her lunacy.  But seriously folks, can we get a grip?  What is happening in Madison is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what happened in Cairo.  In Cairo, they protested because they don't have enough of anything.  This whole Arab revolt was touched off in Tunisia by a guy that set himself on fire because he didn't have any bread.  These rabble rousers in Madison are skipping work (that taxpayers fund!) to protest the slightest reduction in their bennies!

Dare I say they are being "INSENSITIVE" - the left's favorite epithet to hurl at conservatives?  To put yourself on the same level as a starving peasant when your average salary is over $50K a year and coupled with your benefit package you are clearing over $100K?? 

Final point - if you ever had any doubts about how far to the radical left the Democrat party has come, this display in Madison clinches it. They are aligned with the ultra-radical fringe whose naivete is only matched by their ignorance...and right now,  that's who is running the Executive Branch.  The battle in Madison is about the fifty odd year money laundering scheme that the Democrats have had courtesy of public sector unions...they see that font being shut off and it scares the hell out of them.  It also brings their ideological siamese twins like the pair in this video out on display.

Stay strong, Scott Walker!

Rumble on!

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