Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama Swapped British Nuke Secrets to Get a Deal?

In the "I pray to God this isn't true" category, the London Telegraph is reporting that Obama and the boys used our ALLIES, the British as bargaining chips to beg for a treaty out of the Russians.  The source, the source of most real news these days, is the Wikileaks bunch.  Their primary nuclear platform is the Trident platform that we provide to them and according to the report, Obama's team agreed to give the Soviets...err, Russians information on all the Tridents we have provided to our British friends.

If this turns out to be true, put Obama's name right up next to Benedict Arnold in the American Annals of Treachery.  If this is true, the Senate should move immediately to rescind the "new START Treaty," and open an investigation ASAP.

We've huffed and chortled about a lot of the doings of this administration, but betraying a long-standing faithful ally for the sake of a photo-op goes well beyond the pale.  This is just plain dangerous and could well be an impeachable offense.  Who the hell is more likely to target us - the British or the Russians?

Oh sure you're grinning ear to ear, Medvedev.

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