Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Thoughts on Libya

A few reflections and questions on the state of affairs in Libya (and our involvement in it):

Hat tip IBD, Michael Ramirez

  • My first reaction to getting involved there was "WTF??" I thought getting rid of barbarous dictators was no longer in our playbook.  Obama said so about our involvement in Iraq.
  • OK, we're going to get involved. Oh no we are not, we are / are not going to arm the "rebels."  Mr. President, I know you are a great student of military affairs, but allow me to give you a couple of pointers:
    • If you are going to go in, do so with overwhelming force.  (Powell doctrine)
    • When committing to a military action, ensure that the goals are clear, specific and achievable.  Vagary of purpose on the battlefield will get people killed - not only innocent civilians, but our guys too.
    • Do NOT get involved in a civil war - it never turns out well.
      • OK, we're involved in a civil war.  Support the side that is most consistent with your values and preferably not the side that is already fighting you elsewhere.
        • OK, both sides are already attacking you...let me get back to you...
    • Do NOT overextend our military.  Ever since World War II, our military has been designed to fight two wars.  Budgetary constraints and on-going mission creep has badly deteriorated that ability, so it is wise not to engage any further.
    • Do NOT turn the military into a humanitarian, feel-good, take out the trash organization.  The military is made up of a breed of human that liberals like you despise: the warrior.  They kill people and break things so that you can tell them that they shouldn't kill people and break things...a conundrum,  I know, but that's the way it works.
  • Is it just me?  Since Vietnam, is there a single war/engagement/"kinetic military action" that has not been a scenario where U.S. Forces are protecting/fighting for/dying for Muslims?  Gulf War I, Bosnia, Gulf War II, Afghanistan, Somalia, and now Libya.  What makes us believe that they will now like us?
  • What's up with Russia?  Hmmm, Europe gets about 30% of their oil from Libya...Russia is their major supplier.  Sooo, if you are Russia, why not abstain from the vote at the UN and then condemn US/NATO/?? Forces for using force - "it wasn't in the mandate!!!" Mayhem in the competitor's camp is good for business!
  • I've been thumbing through the Constitution (of the United States)...I can't find the part where the President has to have approval from the Arab League, the United Nations, NATO, SEATO, ASPCA and several other important alphabet combinations to go to war and not from Congress??
  • I really wish that conservatives could set a good example and not criticize our government when engaged in overseas imbroglios, but Dammit, this bunch makes it impossible!

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