Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Somewhere A Father Is Crying

You work hard raising your take him to the football games, you teach him to be a gentleman.  You sit through the hours of wrestling meets watching him get work with him on his homework.  You hope he can get into a "good" school and really make something of his life.  The college acceptance letters come and you find out it's going to be Napa Valley College!  Yay!

You fill up the U-Haul trailer and help him move into his dorm room at NVC and after three years of college (with 5 more ahead, no doubt) he sends you a link to his latest video so you can catch up on what he's doing - other than majoring in Feminist Studies:

You cry.

You can't understand why he wants to wear make-up like a panda.  He's forgotten that there is a "Senate" and a "House," not two of each.  Why can't his classmates spell "ILLEGAL?"  Does Napa Valley College's hunger management program teach that three slices of pizza is starving?

You cry.

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