Friday, December 3, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

From pimply adolescence to Grandma pat-downs, we once again cover the waterfront with this week's installment.

1. The Age of Adolescence - VDH strikes again with his simple, straightforward logic.  Skewered in this episode are "artistic expression,"  aka "cowardice" and "bailouts" aka "overspent."  Even sailors know when to stop.

2. Farewell California, Texas Rising - demographer Joel Kotkin sees the results of the past election as the end of the California era.  While their suicide will continue, the second largest state shows the rest how to grow an economy.

3. And if this doesn't work...then what?  - Bill Bonner over at The Daily Reckoning reflects on the Fed's $9 trillion piggy bank for the world.

4. Herr Spengler just might have been right - Mort Zuckerman...not a regular on these pages...comments on the risk of a double-dip and dusts off one of my college history texts - Spengler's "The Decline of the West."  Was he right after all?

5. It won't make us any safer - John Wohlstetter over at NR Online goes over the facts on x-ray scatters and intimate pat downs.  Enough already!

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