Sunday, December 12, 2010


No it's not quite that simple, but when you have a vaunted "Commission" present a report that doesn't touch the single largest expansion of bennies and redistribution from the government (lean in, I'll whisper it to ya - "Obamacare") and we are supposed to take it seriously?  The good news is that they didn't recommend some kind of value-added sales tax to bridge the gap.

We are going to have to behave like adults to tackle this problem.  Obama has begrudgingly admitted that cutting taxes stimulates the economy - duh - let's cut all the taxes we can, especially corporate ones and then zero in on the spending.  We need to develop a priority list that can be submitted to the American people.  Would you rather keep bad guys away from our shores or get free drugs?  If your answer has to do with killing bad guys, we still have to drill down on how we can do that most efficiently.  We are running out of time:

The depressing fact is that the longer we perpetuate the illusion of endless entitlements, the greater the risk we will end up seeing this:

Or this:

...oh wait, that's California - I guess it has already begun.

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