Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Pressure: Eco Terrorists Sense of Humor

Ahh, British "humour" strikes again - not that Monty Python's Black Knight scene ("Come back, I'll gnaw you to death") isn't funny in a sick way - but this is not funny.  This is an "advert" produced to encourage people to cut their carbon emissions...no pressure:

Not sure when blowing up school children and co-workers became funny, but only a truly perverted mind could find this ad appropriate for any cause.  The none too subtle undertone - submit to the new religion or die - is uber-creepy.  Funny to have this news breaking in Britain whilst across the North Sea, they are forecasting the coldest winter in 1,000 years and in New Zealand, sheep are dying in droves thanks to the continuing blizzards.  But in the new religion of environazism, facts don't count.  It's all about the image of doing something "good," even if you have to kill some folks along the way.

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