Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is it Safe?

Our headline comes from one of the creepiest scenes in moviedom, the dental torture of Dustin Hoffman by Sir Lawrence Olivier in "The Marathon Man:"

One can look at that scene and substitute the American voter for Dustin Hoffman and Obama, Harry and Nancy as the thugs and "White Angel," and that pretty much sums up the feeling of the past two years.  We do now know, however, that perception is catching up to the reality.  In the latest Investor's Business Daily Poll, we see a sharp drop in the perception of safety by the American public:

Sentient voters who follow the news know we are considerably less safe than we were two years ago.  A small sampling of facts would bear this out:

  • Domestic terror attacks under Bush after the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq?  ZERO.  Since Obama took office?  FIVE.
  • NASA was an agency conducting scientific research in space under Bush; it's primary mission under Obama is "Muslim outreach."
  • Under Bush, the military had a clear objective.  Under Obama they have a clear withdrawal date.  If you are the Taliban, what would you do?
  • Remember when Israel was our ally?
  • Under Bush we were trying to build a fence on the border  - they weren't doing a bang up job about it, but at least we weren't suing states that try to protect themselves from the illegal alien invasion!
You get the point and it looks like reality is catching up to Msr. Barry.

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