Monday, March 8, 2010

"Naked as a Jay Bird"

What would Rahm Emmanuel do for a vote?  Just ask outgoing (maybe) Congressman Eric Massa.  This is weird stuff to listen to, but it is indicative of the desperation - do anything to win - attitude that is coming out of this White House right now.

This is just wrong on so many levels. First and foremost, the American people DON'T want this monstrosity (Rasmussen has it 53% opposed to 42% "for;" Gallup says 50%-47% that it's not the Federal government's job to guarantee healthcare.   There are  a number of polls that say the healthcare system needs to be reformed, but across the board, the same polls say that what is being proposed right now is NOT reform.  So why the rush?

You can subscribe to the O'Reilly notion that the White House simply has a "tin ear," or that the staff "doesn't get it." But if you apply Ockham's Razor to the set of facts before you, you can only conclude that this administration is full of ideologues, and the ideologue-in-chief is Obama.  They want this to get their foot in the door and no matter how deeply flawed the system they create is, or what if ultimately costs, they will have achieved the statist's holy grail: control of your life.  For a government that provides you with healthcare, can just as swiftly NOT provide.  You will have become wards of the state, forced to vote for the ones who give you the most benefit and you will be terrified that to do other than their bidding will lead to excommunication from their secular church.

Wake up America, freedom is fading.  These tools in DC know that the masses ARE waking up and they are in a desperate struggle to get this thing into the end zone before we catch up.

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