Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eagleburger on Obama

Eagleburger has served both sides in a diplomatic capacity and is well worth a listen.  We have enough troubles in the Middle East without trying to incite more.  There is another scenario that the childish behavior our Brat in Chief exhibited could produce: an Israeli attack on Iran.  Netanyahu could conclude that there's no help coming from our churlish boy President that will keep the Mullahs from getting a, the only solution, is to go it alone:
The prime minister knows the calculus well. First, he thinks, will be the salvo of Jericho III missiles. EMP from their nuclear warheads will destroy Iran’s electrical power grid, communications, television, radio, air defenses, and most of the industrial infrastructure. At noon the flashes will not even be noticed, so high there is no blast or radiation on the ground. Then cruise missiles from submarines for high value targets. They should save one for Ahmadinejad’s presidential palace. With chaos in the dark streets, maybe our commandos have time to open that Evin prison hellhole and let out the political prisoners. Those kids, that ‘Green’ opposition—they can deal with the mullahs if they like. And the best part, with the radar and air defenses inoperative, our air force can overfly Iran. They will finish the job with none of my boys lost, God willing. And when no parts for American aircraft come, there are always Russian aircraft. Avigdor will love it—like he loves being Foreign Minister. If the Russians tell him to get lost like last time, I’ll send him to China. They sell anything to anyone, especially if it annoys Washington.

Read the rest here.  Hat tip DB.

Either way, when you bow and scrape to the Saudi king, laughingly take anti-American screeds from thugs like Chavez, and keep "reaching out" to Achmadinijad of Iran while simultaneously insulting your strongest ally, you are truly playing with fire.  Amateur hour is over, Mr. President, time to grow up and join the real world.

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