Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Economic Failure

We've discussed this subject elsewhere on this blog and over at Red State Rumblings, but to see a poll that registers a whopping 79% is a little shocking.  That's right - 79% of Americans now believe the economy could fail.  And that's across the board politically - 70% of Dems think it could.  There is no faith in government's ability to fix the problem either.  Most Americans believe the government is too big...just got a lot bigger.  There's no good news in this for Republicans either - only 16% believe that they can fix things...lower than the 20% that think Pelosi and her gang can.

What this does show is disturbing news for Obama and his statist team though - it illustrates that the American people are not stupid!  That's damned disconcerting for them - they rely on our complacency to exact their statist vision.

Look, Greece is tottering due to a bloated public sector (just like California)...Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the Greek crisis could boil over and affect financial stability everywhere; Argentina collapsed once already...the history is clear, you cannot keep spending money you don't have and spending more so that you are "saving," doesn't work either.

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