Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Separated at Birth

So despite the numerology and intense study of Biblical scripture, mixed in with a good dose of old fashioned hucksterism, Harold Camping's vision of the world ending over the weekend did not come to pass.  Some wags on the left are enjoying the lack of rapture and trying to equate decent church-going folks with well...a nut. But they are looking in the wrong place for parallels.
Harold Camping predicting doom.

No, the real parallel is not in the pulpits of the faithful who dutifully attend church, temple, mosque and synagogue.  Many of those folks attend services because they know that at least their world will end.  We have a few decades on this little blue orb to do our best...having faith in an afterlife at least makes that experience somewhat more pleasant.  At the very least, they are living out Pascal's Wager - there may be no way of proving God exists, but if you live your life accordingly, you have nothing to lose.

Al Gore bloviating.
No, the real profits of doom and the answer to the separated at birth question comes in the form of good ol' Al Gore.  Here's the real profit of doom who, ironically, profits greatly from the forecast of doom.  How many of his and his faithful's predictions are demonstrably false?  The irony of comparing the two is that you really cannot disprove religion - but you can use "facts" to disprove the rantings of the Global Warmers, err. "Climate Changers," who blame every natural disaster from earthquakes to hurricanes and tornadoes on man's incessant desire for fuel.

Got a species going extinct?  (As millions have...) Blame it on man and the global warmings.  Just got whacked with a tsunami - pity you didn't stop driving your SUV last year.  The ice caps are melting - no their growing...either way, it's your fault.  The snow mass on the Rockies is receding, no wait, it's at a record...either way, you done it.  You get the point.

We have called for stewardship on these pages many times before.  We are all for good water quality, clean air and healthy foods.  But unlike the cultist climate changers, we remain humble in nature's face acknowledging that there's a whole lot we cannot do even as we strive to do what we can.

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