Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rumbler Required Reading

Another random tour this week - there's so much to talk about!  Between the TSA gropes and GOP hopes, Pelosi's dopes and Bernanke's  tropes, it's been quite the week.  Let's get started.

1. In the afterglow of November 2, it is important that Republicans understand that they won only because the Democrats lost.  The "Architect," Karl Rove, provides some useful analysis in this piece from this morning's Wall Street Journal.

2. The Gift that keeps on giving!  Pelosi re-elected...'nuff said.  Apparently all was not happy in Donkeyland behind closed doors - read about it here.

3. Here's another angle on the enhanced pat downs for flying the friendly skies - the cost...and whose behind it.

4. Getting back to November 2, there are few voices of reason more succinct than Victor Davis Hanson - the thoughts of the maestro are here.

Democrat house of cards swept away...
5. QEII.  Seems that quite a few people don't subscribe to the "let's get inflation going" model.  Read the short open letter to "the Ben Bernanke" in the WSJ Economics blog.

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