Monday, November 8, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

I've been a little busy of late, but thought it was time to get my readers caught up on some fine reading.  These selections, as always, are gleaned from the finest the web has to offer.

1. On to the White House.  I always enjoy our British cousins' perspectives on affairs American...and Lexington is a fine blogger and columnist for the Economist.  This is his perspective on what lies ahead for the GOP.

2. How the Democrats Shellacked Themselves.  Be still my beating heart...I heartily, deeply, profoundly recommend ALL democrats and liberals read this and follow this advice!  Really, all you Progressives, this guy has it right and you MUST follow his prescription.  For the sentient members of my audience, it has been said that to understand liberals you must view them as if they were an alien species.  This article is Exhibit A.  (Hat tip EH)

3. A  Twenty First Century GOP.  I had this in my "Read it Later" stack, so it pre-dates last week's election.  Nevertheless, I think it offers some excellent advice for the GOP.  Please remember, dear reader, I hold no party loyalty.  I continue to be a constitutional conservative, but the Elephants are closer to my leanings and less insane than the loony alien left.

4. Environmentalism as Religion.  We have opined often in these pages how Environmentalists have substituted their environmentalism for a sense of the divine.  They are lost souls in search of something to  believe.  Many of them used to believe in the utopian dream of the Soviet Union till that went onto something green!  This is a great column that supports our theory.

5. The Great U-Turn.  James Bennett's pre-election piece gives a lot of context to what just happened.

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