Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saving Obama

Enough of the pundit class has already written extensively about today's healthcare "summit" that I don't want to waste any more gigabytes of bile on this idiocy...just a couple of quick thoughts:

  • We have a Constitution that tells us how to craft legislation - silly summitry is not part of it.  If the Dems had wanted to do it right, they should have engaged the Republicans from the beginning.  They didn't want to.  They still don't want to.  This is a show.
  • The Dems believe they will be able to blame the Repubs for healthcare reform failure.  What they fail to realize is that by blocking this monstrosity they may have saved Obama from himself.
  • This is all about rallying Dems to push it through on a reconciliation vote...nice cup of hemlock for every Donk seeking reelection this year - CNN says only 25% support it - yeah, that's nicer than pointing out that 75% hate it!

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