Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Psychiatrist Looks at Obama

BIG HAT tip to Doug Ross for this, and it needs to be widely disseminated.  This is a look at Obama from the perspective of a psychiatrist who has been practicing for 30 years.  More importantly though, this is a study in character of what it means to come from the Chicago machine: A Practicing Psychiatrist Looks at Obama.  

I want to add some caution to this piece.  There was a big hullaballoo a year ago or so about the Israeli doctor that psycho-analyzed O and while seemingly accurate, it turned out to be a hoax.  I've traced this doctor that wrote the article and above and it seems to be the real deal.  Funny thing is though, if you read both articles, even if they are posted as hoaxes, they are eerily accurate.  Obama is a man who comes from a background of having everything taken care of for him.  He is strangely detached and immature, taking all criticism personally.  He also suffers from some serious weird delusional fantasy about his own skills - remember the oceans were going to recede?  I'll bet the folks in Washington, Baltimore and Philly right now would settle for just enough hot air to make some of their snow go away!

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