Friday, January 21, 2011

Democrat Tar Baby (Can I Say That?)

This is a real tar-baby that the Democrats have created:

Repealing it in the House and getting it declared unconstitutional in the Supreme Court are jobs 1 and 2.  Winding the clock back to pre-Obama care so we can start to really fix the issues in our healthcare system and not wreck it to open the door for government-run-single-payer-Barney-Frank-wet-dream (ick!) pogrom will require incredible legislative and legal dexterity.

Two good places to start:

1. Tort reform - start with loser pays ( a good idea from our British cousins and a whole lot better than their healthcare system that Obama's boys want to emulate).
2. Increase insurance competition - open it up across state lines (there's a good use for the Commerce Clause!), tax incentives for pre-existing conditions etc.
3. Finally, on a more universal scale, and one that achieves conservative aims at reducing government, allocate a percentage of tax collected to a personal health savings account.  The individual would own it, control their own medical costs and it would bring responsibility back into the equation.  This is what they do in Singapore...once the account is fully funded, based on some metrics of anticipated use, the additional funds go back to the individual!

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