Thursday, August 26, 2010

Required Rumbler Reading

A smorgasbord of articles for some intellectual calisthenics highlight this week's edition of the "Required Rumbler Reading" column.  These will make you smarter AND better looking!

1.  The 72-Hour Expert - my favorite cynic and raconteur, P.J. O'Rourke expounds on his trip to Afghanistan.  He needs to brief the Obama folks although they wouldn't listen.

2.  Can Liberal Democracies Triumph? - about the only people that don't realize we are in a long haul with Radical Islam are folks that think Chris Matthews is a journalist.  This is an excellent take on whether we are at a fundamental disadvantage in this struggle.

3. Ten Practical Steps You Should Take Now - a quickie article on what you can do to insulate you and your family in the event of a complete collapse.  When you look at the dreary macro-economic facts, this might be one to print out and hold case you lose electricity!

4. The Failure of the Liberal Economic Model - a nice summary from the good folks at Commentary on why liberalism is a dismal failure economically... well, everywhere else too.

5. Europe Jumps Off the Keynesian Bus - a follow on to #4, Europe, which is much farther down the rabbit hole of Obamanomics, is getting the hell of the bus.  Why is it that the lefties in this country that are always telling us that we should be more like Europe are now silent about this trend?

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